Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pretty Much Just Chaos

So this whole moving, staying in a borrowed home, starting a new business thing is not as smooth, graceful, and easy as one might think ; ) To type out this blog entry on my keyboard I had to clear off a bike light, a screw driver, a bouncy ball, and ticket stubs from a show we saw TWO months ago back in Massachusetts--how did THOSE make the move?!

We're barely getting the basics covered -- (not always) matching socks on the boys' feet, (semi) regular baths, milk for the cereal in the morning... But still those "extra" projects, you know, the ones you do once you take care of all the necessities, are calling my name. Unpack our towels and washcloths? Nah, I want to decorate! I picked up this fabric from my favorite outlet store for some yet-to-be-determined decorating/sewing projects. Now if I can only find the sewing machine...

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