Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Put WHAT In It?!

We're all battling some sort of stuffy nose, coughy, achy something or other combo. So I'm taking my mom's advice and sipping on her hot lemonade recipe. She wise--she's from the country.

She says " Squeeze half a lemon into a mug (though I used a whole lemon---big mug I guess), Also cut the rind into slices and add. Mash in lots of honey and/or sugar. 4 t or more. Add hot water and a pat of butter and sip. A couple of mugfuls a day for a few days.

And, yes, that IS a pat of butter. Just goes to show I was right in what I said about the Midwest. I did try it without the butter and it's just not as good. Dang you, Midwest, and your oh-so-delicious butter!

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Nothing Official Here said...

Just landed to your blog dont know how but ended up spending quite some time :) Happily surprised to find a creative designer being equally talented family member. Most artists otherwise live in their own world! Cheers.