Monday, November 17, 2008

Seabird Stops By

The band Seabird, GRACIOUSLY, drove through the night to play at our little 'ole church yesterday between shows in New York and New Hampshire and BLEW THE FACES OFF the old ladies in the back pew. It was GREAT!
Seabird at their merch table after church where one of the said "old ladies" bought some t-shirts : )

And then we drove to New Hampshire to catch their show last night. I got to snag the shirts I designed for them and I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see people wearing them around. I LOVE collaborating with musicians. Art and music joining forces to eventually try and take ovER THE WOOORLD!!! Seriously, check them out. They are great guys!

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Unknown said...

I really thought the shirts were cool. It is obvious that the designer "inherited" her tremondous creative and artistic skills. Where can I get one.... Rick Houp (dad)
Oh, the band sounds pretty good too