Friday, October 31, 2008

My Ninja Training

My ninja training came in handy as I secretly and ninja-ly snapped these highly illegal shots inside Anthropologie last week. (didn't know I was a ninja, did you-- of course not, that's step one in ninja training). I LOVE Anthro's style and just want to copy and paste the whole look of the store into my apartment.

Like how cool would something like this be above a bed as a canopy-type thing. It's fairly simple---strips of painted burlap, some netting, some strings of chandelier-esque beads, a little hula hoop wrapped in fabric...that's what's great about Anthropologie's visual style--it's made up of fairly easy, cheap materials....

...Like old books!--just hot glued and screwed together to make these sweet flowers...

Okay back to my future home--
I want a wall like this somewhere in my house. This wall had some texture to they applied some plaster to it first that that it looked like slate. But I think a similar look could be accomplished with chalkboard paint and some dribbles of white paint.

And lighting---
I really like the industrial clip lights used in the foreground paired with the HUGE, elegant hanging swirl of silver balls and string over the central cash register area. I want to make a mini version of something like that over our dining room table to mask our ugly built-in ceiling fixture that looks disturbingly like a shiny, brass boob (sorry, dad)

Well, I'm off to clean and do some Halloweeny-type things. Have a good weekend!


Jenny N said...

haha, one of my good friends is the person who puts all that stuff together and up at Anthro in Cincy. It's a full time job!

Heidi said...

ah, the brass boob. you know i feel THAT particular pain. (we try not to turn it on. ever.)

Anonymous said...

I love Anthro's stores too. If you're every in Philly you have to go to the flagship store on Rittenhouse Square. It's amazing! Online you can find photos of their headquarters in South Philly too... unbelievable.