Monday, November 3, 2008

Fairy Hair Pins

Hey, just wanted to show you some new products that I've been selling at the art festivals I've done recently-- these fairy hair pin sets made by this fellow etsian with my fairy illustrations. If I get a good response, I'll order another batch and offer them in the shop as well. : )

Hope you had a great Halloween! What was going to be "Batman and Robin" turned into "Batman and Little Japanese Samurai/Karate Kid/Anime boy" at the last second cause mommy couldn't find a baby Robin costume and ran out of time to make one and happened to have this pair of Japanese pajamas in the closet, an old white t-shirt and a red sharpie. So WALLA!-- there you go!

I'm getting started on some fun book projects this week so stay tuned for some sneak peeks : )

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