Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foiled by the Lunar Eclipse

Should have seen it coming-- Salem, MA's long history of strange supernatural happenings mixed with the lunar eclipse last night sent women all over into labor. Alas there was no room in the inn for me. So the hospital sent us home and rescheduled my induction for tomorrow.

But Hudson didn't seem too disappointed when we came home without a baby brother. He's pretty occupied waiting for his own baby to hatch---this "dinosaur egg" from grammy that's supposed to hatch a baby dinosaur in a couple of days. He slept with it next to his bed last night and makes sure to check it regularly for progress.

And he's enjoying the extra attention that comes with a grandparent being around. They're reading one of my favorite children's books by Oliver Jeffers. Check out his other great art and illustrations.

Hopefully we'll have baby news soon. Til then...

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Liz said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope you're feeling excited and cheerful :)