Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jude Wesley Armstrong

Just wanted to put some pics up from the past couple days. Jude was born at 4:45am on Friday 2/22. He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 22.5 inches long. How that whole thing fit in my belly I'm not sure. But he's here now and we're very happy to have him.

Jude and big brother Hudson

First family photo : )

Finally home with Grammy

Suited up and ready for a jog.

More photos later : )


Fosters said...

Oh, Arian, congrats!!!! Jude is a handsome baby with a great name!

Sending my love and congratulations,


Angela said...

Congratulations Armstrong family! Jude is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Chloe & Grand-Dad Armstrong announced the arrival of your new little one in church yesterday and I knew that you'd have pics up - He is adorable! And that's the best first family photo I've ever seen of anyone - really!


Liz said...

Congratulations! He's a beautiful boy with a beautiful name :D (Unfortunately smileys don't quite express the big grin I have for you all)

Ben & Grace Saunders said...

Arian!! and Dan!! wow, Jude is adorable. I love his little head full of hair. And Hudson seems to be SO sweet with him. what a big boy, huh?!
btw, is that D-Sho's voice in the background of that video?? ben and i concur that it sounds like him. We are so excited for you all, and can't WAIT until the next time we see you!