Monday, February 11, 2008

Collaborating with Music

So many of my illustrations are influenced by music, often specific songs. So I love when I get the chance to do cd covers--listening to the music and putting it in picture form. Here are a couple cd projects I'm working on now...

Here's the cover I just finished for my friend, Tom Conlon's, latest cd project. You can find out more about him, his music, his tour schedule, etc at his myspace page--such an amazingly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. The art for this cover was taken from jewelry pieces designed by his friends from Figs&Ginger. Check out their work too!

The other cd project I've been working on that's nearing completion is for Artists&Authors (aka my sister and her husband). Their next cd is scheduled to be released shortly. Make sure to listen to the sneak peaks of some the tracks on the upcoming album.

PS--two days from my due date and no baby yet, hopefully soon : )

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