Friday, February 15, 2008

Capturing the Soul

How is it that when I take a photo it turns out, well, just like a photo? Then someone like this guy can take a photo of the same people I've photographed a hundred times, with nothing more than a camera and a bare room, and somehow capture their souls on film. I must have missed the "Capture Essence of Innermost Being" setting on my camera. I'll have to check the manual again.

Anyways, these are some of the photos for the Artists&Authors album cover I'm working on. Isn't my sister beautiful? Tye chose wisely. The photographer, Michael Wilson, is a humble genius and has an impressive list of famous musical clients. Despite his world-renownedness (yes, that is now a word) he was also gracious enough to drive down to my 87-year-old grandparents' house last year and do a little photo shoot of them for next to nothing just so my family could have REAL photos of them. Sure, my grandparents are spiritual and wise. But how come they don't come across as such in MY photos of them ; )

It's definitely a gift. And I'm so glad Michael has been willing to share it with my family.

ps-- two days past my due date and still no baby. If you've got any "baby-bringin'" tricks, I'm willing to try them : )

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sarah cool said...

hey! michael wilson is a good family friend of ours! thats funny!!