Friday, October 19, 2007

Thanks for the Support--All 5 of you : )

I have to say I'm encouraged by the small but slowly growing number of comments, blog features, Etsy hearts, etc. I've been receiving lately. Honestly, starting a new creative venture often puts a strain on the ole' pocketbook when you're first getting started. It's nice to know people see and like my work and I'm not just sittin' around drawing pretty pictures for the heck of it : )

On that note, I got to be the DIYer of the day on this cool blog yesterday. Check out the blog, there's some fun stuff on there.

Hope you're all soaking in every ounce of fall that you can. From the moment I wake up to these colors right above my head

to the creative decorative projects I work on with Hudson during the day

(it's gonna be a jack-o-lantern, we just haven't gotten to the facial features yet)

to the cup of hot apple cider at night, I'm trying to soak in the season like this crawly guy I found inhabiting the mums by our window

Happy Fall!


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

What a great feature in the DIY blog! I had no idea you were offering 25% of your proceeds from now through Christmas to go to the organization that supplies poor families in India with livestock. That is really fantastic of you!

I still plan on doing a feature on your shop soon! Life is a little crazy as my baby is now crawling and I have to chase her all day long! But never fear, those interview questions will be coming your way!

Your Christmas cards are just beautiful!!

Kris said...

I am enjoying this fall weather, but not so much when it is chilly AND rainy and I have been stuck inside since sunday :( I miss walking outside! Don't know if it is the best idea to take a little baby out in the cold and rain.

Sonia said...

Cool website and blog... that DIY site. You will be so busy with all this publicity! :-)

Looking forward to seeing your cards in the mailbox soon!

Thanks for sharing all that you do with Hudson and your theatre group. Wish we could attend the production. Looks wonderful. All the designs are awesome. I really love the Emerald City drop. You are so gifted, Arian.