Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School/Work!

 Jude started afternoon kindergarten this week! Since he didn't go to preschool, this is a big deal, for Jude AND for me! Jude stopped needing afternoon naps when he was 2 (early, I know). So it's been years since I've had that precious afternoon nap time to work or rest or just have some time alone. With the two older ones in school and Eli napping in the afternoon I now have two and a half glorious hours to myself each day. I've got lots of plans, probably more than can be fit into two and a half hours, but still, I have plans : )
Plus afternoon kindergarten lets these guys still enjoy their mornings together. They're becoming little buddies.

And there's still time for hanging out at the coffee shop before heading into class.

Our school just got a good deal cuter and sweeter now that Jude is there. He's going to love it.

And in the quiet of the afternoon I will draw, draw, draw. This one will be finished and available soon!

Kindergarten and third grade! My big little boys!

Arian : )

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