Thursday, September 20, 2012

Come On Over!

For you locals or anyone looking to take a road trip! Come on over!

#POCKETSQAURES: A group show featuring the work of 7 Cincinnati Instagrammers.


Jessica said...

What a fun idea! I'll have to make time to trek to KY.

Fruitytoenails said...

Hi Arian! I am a home-schooling mom with a daughter who is very interested in illustrating. We have followed your blog for a couple of years now and she loves your art/style. I know you're a busy lady but if you have the time/inclination, we would so appreciate the opportunity to ask you some questions (she pretty much wants to interview you) about how you began in this field, what tools you use and what path of education you'd recommend for a young person wanting to do what you do. My email is and my name is angie. thanks!