Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft Therapy

It's challenging to have a new baby, for sure. Lack of sleep, hormones, figuring out how to get things done with a baby in one arm or putting the baby down and listening to him cry while you shower/finish cooking/do the dishes/attend to another child/etc...tough stuff. I remember having the same thoughtswhen Jude was born.
Crafting is therapy to me so I do it even if it means loosing more sleep, not getting something "more important" done, or spending more money to make something than it'd take to buy the finished product. (Why buy a baby blanket for $10 when you could make it yourself for $15--haha)

So I made every effort to get to that fabric sale after all. (Thanks for being my last minute shopping and adult conversation partner, Andrea) : )

And I bought these fabrics just because they're pretty and they remind me of granny and will hopefully make some cute skirts.

And instead of going to sleep once I finally got Eli down at 1am, I stayed up and made this infinity scarf because that felt more restful. I used the tube of fabric I cut off of this dress and a remnant from granny's stash.

And this weekend we all took time to draw together because creating seems to be good for ALL of our hearts.

Once Eli figures out his hands are attached to his body I'm sure he'll join us : )
Speaking of, someone is awake from his nap!


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דפנה י. said...

You are amazing, and you all make such a beautiful family.

I'm loving your blog and wait eagerly for each new post.

Have fun crafting :)