Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 One of the big things on my "to do before Eli arrives" list was to organize all of our art/crafting/sewing supplies in one place. Now when one of the boys needs a pair of scissors for a project I don't have to send him on a 20 minute scavenger hunt around the house.
 What was once our dining room bookshelf (which Daniel made out of old barn siding my Papa had...I love it), is now a neatly organized, Restoration Hardware-inspired, creation station.

 I have a habit of collecting metal bins, old wooden boxes, and vintage train cases any time I'm out at a yard sale or thrifting. They're perfect for storing art supplies. The boys can just grab the bin, box, or case they need, take it to wherever they're working, and put it back when they're done...easy cleanup!

 And our books have a new home in a metal cabinet I also scored from Papa, organized by color of course : )
Next on the list--finish the nursery!

Arian : )


Olivia said...

I love your collection of boxes and bins.

Katie said...

This makes me so happy!