Sunday, November 28, 2010


 Hope you guys had a weekend full of thankfulness! Ours was spent catching up on sleep, enjoying lots of good food, and hopping around from one family get-together to another!
 I especially love holiday's spent at Granny and Papa's house because it's pretty much been the same my entire life---same carpet, curtains, furniture, old family photos....same fresh rainwater from the faucet...same warmth from the fireplace...same hand-written notes from Granny always reminding us to "unplug the toaster" and "jiggle the toilet handle" even though she's gone,
 ... same "kids table" but with a new generation of kids!

 ...same tradition of passing around and loving on the newest family member.

 ... same peaceful view,
 ... same vintage treasures in every nook,

 ... same strong and gentle Papa (now 90!) resting in his favorite chair,

... same wallpaper. I love it all!

Are you guys getting excited about Christmas? For some reason, the Christmas spirit hasn't quite kicked in for me yet.  Some decorating and one of my favorite Christmas movies should do the trick! Do you have any tradition that gets you into the Christmas spirit?

Arian ; )

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Chrissy said...

Aww- what an amazing post! Very touching! I love it!