Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleepy, Busy Bees

We've been burnin the midnight oil over here (and the 1am oil, the 2am oil, 4am...) Geesh.  We've been wrapping up the art auction, cranking out new art and new tshirt designs and new music videos and working our tails off so we can enjoy a few days off with family for Thanksgiving. Helllloooooo, pumpkin pie!!! Hellllooooo, nap!

This crazy bunch of new prints is on its way out the door for an art show. But I also added them to the shop. So stop on in if you'd like one!!

LOTS of stuff to show you when we get back!

Whether you'll be officially celebrating Thanksgiving or not this weekend, I hope you find dozens of new reasons to be thankful!!

Arian : )


Gingiber said...

Hi! I love your new illustrations!

Memory box at 27 said...

your style is adorable and so warm! love it!

Maryna, xoxo

Maria said...

Awww I love each one of them, but my fav are the rabbit couple and the penguin family!

Jyll Ethier-Mullen said...

So dang cutE!!!

Christina said...

How precious! I especially love that gnome you created. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

liseli said...

I am grateful that you share your thoughts and your art by this bright, deep and inspiring blog.
Thank you
Sorry for my bad English