Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Magical Trees

The trees are still pretty beautiful in our neighborhood and yesterday was unusually warm and sunny so Jude, my mom, and I headed out to explore.

 We found a giant climbing tree not far from our house, not sure how we've never noticed it before.

But it's got wide, low branches perfect for climbing and lots of leaves for shade.

 It's pretty magical.

 We came home with an arm full of treasures we had collected along the way.

And I put together this little fall centerpiece for our table (yay! #6!)

Hope you're enjoying the season wherever you are! I'll pick a random winner of the Joy! print tomorrow so make sure you go here to leave a comment if you're interested!

Arian : )


Christina said...

These are some beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of Jude standing at the base of the tree. The way you framed it is perfect, plus he just looks so small in comparison to the tree in front of him! Looks like you had a good time enjoying the beautiful weather. :)

Arian said...

Thanks, Christina! The sunlight, the tree, the clear blue sky---it was perfect picture-taking conditions : )

painterchic said...

I love your beautiful photos and the way you capture the magic in everyday moments. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to do the same :)

Chrissy said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the one with him and your mom at the tree! With the light and everything! Lovely!

Natalie Call said...

Oh I love this! Fall is the so great. Your photos are lovely! I just did a post on how much I love crucnhy leaves! It reminded me of your fall day.