Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Little Inspiration

Just a few things to make your day a little prettier...

I want this. : )  Cozy and vintage and green....three of my favorite things combined!
Dreamy makeshift bed tents. Reminds me of all those "Where the Wild Things Are" forts from awhile back

Boots + frilly dresses.
Vintage game boards as wall decor. Genius.

This pretty, illustrated tea set from Studio Violet. I'd love to illustrate a set like that!!

Color coordinated dishes from Rachel Denbow.

Beautiful colors.

This display at the Ohio Valley Antique Mall. I'm going there with my mom and sister tomorrow---can't wait!!

I hope you're having a cozy weekend! Jude sure is! He slept well past 10 this morning in the movie-watching couch nest we cuddled in last night. We watched "Hook"--such a fun movie : )

Arian : )


Mandi Stephanie said...

ooo i love the board games as wall art! such a great idea for a little boys room!

Heather said...

what did you think of the Ohio Valley Antique Mall? I went there last month and thought it was amazing and overwhelming. I took home an early 20th century glass pie plate.

la Naváa said...

What a superb idea with the board games!

Thanks for sharing.

jessica said...

Hello! I found your blog through "A Beautiful Mess"...I love, love, LOVE your illustrations! I also just read this post and noticed you mentioned the Ohio Valley Antique Mall! I LOVE that place! I know the booth you photographed too! I am so SO happy to hear someone else loves the place as much as I do! Have fun!
~Jessica said...

I would very much like to make those tents in my bedroom! :)

Kelsey Dawn said...

LOVE that all you need is love banner.. want it!

I recently stumbled across your blog and I'm in love with your illustrations.. so good!