Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anthro Love

 Here's a little Anthropologie eye candy for you from the brief trip I made there with my sister.
 I'm always inspired by, not only what they sell, buy how they display it.
 And how they use cheap, common materials to do amazing things...like these tied strips of colored fabric above the headboard...
 ...assorted light bulbs in these vintage-y glass display cases...

...and paperback books creating cool designs in this sweet wardrobe.

And how cute are these crocheted paper clips?! Nothing helps a girl get organized better than beautiful office supplies : )
A fussy 2-year-old with a sudden ear ache cut our shopping trip short but any amount of time spent in Anthropologie is time well spent : )

Where are some of your favorite places to find inspiration?



Christina said...

Wow, cool stuff! I want the fabric draped over the bed... That would look great in my colorful apartment. I love bright colors. :)

I just might be making a trip there the next time I go through Cincy.

Did you get any good finds?

tamarahillmurphy.com said...

love it. the last time i was in the store, I tried to take photos and got in trouble by the mgmt!