Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We don't quite have enough storage in our apartment so this corner of the kitchen had become home to a random assortment of homeless...stuff. Daniel's gardening tools, a giant bag of potting soil, bike accessories, some tools, a giant box of my paintings I need to put up for sale soon...

Don't worry, all that stuff is still there, just cleverly hidden under the hand-me-down table and retro shower curtain turned table cloth that I salvaged from the giveaway pile in my grandparents garage a couple weeks ago.

Now all you see is the sweet milk glass pitcher with matching cream and sugar cups (also from Granny) and the metal shelf I found on the side of the road that now houses produce and bread and such. Much better.

(Good morning, Jude)

Also salvaged -- a set of vintage green glass tea cups and saucers. Perfect for a little banana bread and milk.

And THIS is where I got them---crazy, right?! It's the basement kitchen of an old church in Over The Rhine that hasn't been used in years. They must have left it right in the middle of a church potluck. Probably got in a argument over who would wash and who would dry and then abandoned their faith altogether. Who knows. : )

My friend let me in before they tore the building down and I grabbed the green glass tea set and a bunch of these glasses. Nothing some bleach and a sanitizing boiling water bath can't save : )

Thanks, by the way, for your encouraging comments on the last post. I hope you were encouraged too!

Time for a coffee shop date with Hudson : )


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