Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brought To You By Green, Orange, and Omega

While purchasing this 25lb bag of organic carrots at the grocery.....

Guy in produce section as he rushes over to help me wrangle the bag into my cart: WHOA! Let me help you with that! Shew!
Guy near deli counter: WHOA! Getting the BULK bag, I see!
Me: Yep, just got a juicer. Gonna juice some carrots.
Lady at register: WHOA! I didn't know we sold a bag that BIG! Do you have HORSES?!
Me: No, a juicer. They're for juicing.
Boy bagging groceries: WHOA! I've never seen so many carrots!
Me: Yep, yep... it's a lot of carrots.
...tap on my shoulder...
Lady behind me in line: Excuse me, but do you have horses?....

Nope, no horses, just a sweet new JUICER!! It's our new bundle of joy and we're happy to welcome it home. We've been going juice crazy around here and are having fun coming up with all sorts of combos. Daniel's fav-- spinach, celery, apple. Hudson's fav-- orange, pineapple, carbonated water. Jude's fav--he'll eat/drink anything. And as soon as he hears the juicer humming, he "runs" into the kitchen to help. My fav?-- I just love seeing my boys getting excited about fruits and veggies and seeing our fridge stocked full of produce. I'm also a fan of fresh grapefruit juice, carrot/apple juice, and the melon/cucumber combo. Fun stuff!!

We also just finished our first round of alfalfa sprouts grown in our new sprouter. It's way easy and fun to watch them grow every day. We've been tossing them into wraps, salads, sushi, even the boys' mac & cheese at lunch today.

Green is sprouting up everywhere! Our kitchen is currently incubating dozens of tomato seedlings and a small selection of herbs. It's going to be a good summer for home-grown food!

How 'bout you guys? Do you have any garden plans this summer?

Arian : )

(more fun with green and orange here)


Amber G. said...

This post made me smile! We get the same looks at the grocery store, too. Not only do we buy 25lb bags of carrots for juicing, but usually three big tubs of spinach for green smoothies and a cart-full of other produce! Yeah, it looks like we're feeding rabbits -- but golly we feel great!! :-) Three cheers for Raw Food!

Bientanks said...

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Anonymous said...

We just got a garden installed...meaning we payed someone to put it it's up to us to love it until it grows. We have a raised bed square foot garden with lots of veggies...yay for being healthier! Snap Peas, Carrots, 2 kinds of lettuce, Broccoli, Califlower, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts...and that is just the first planting.....

Mariah Kroger

Lizzet said...

Thank you for this post. After reading it, I dig out my juicer and haven't stop making juices and smoothies :)