Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Apple BOGO Sale!!

I just found out today is the last day of The Black Apple's Buy One Get One sale. The Black Apple is Etsy's biggest seller (so I've heard) and I've never seen her have such a sale so JUMP ON IT if you're a fan.
This print has been in my "What's Inspiring Me Right Now" side bar for months. (I need to add some more inspiring links!)

I've had my eyes on this cute little sleepy print for years!

And I just love the colors in these prints. They'll look great hanging in our bedroom/my studio in some ornate, antique-type frames!! Or maybe the living room. We'll see.
So excited to get these! Emily Martin (the girl behind the shop) is so cute and super inspiring. She was one of the first Etsy sellers I started following when I first opened my store. Her blog = crazy cute. Her style = crazy cute. And she's 1/2 of a crazy cute couple. Crazy cute OVERLOAD!!

Alright, back to work for me!


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