Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art That Helps

Happy Wednesday!

I just finished my contribution to the uber-talented Promise Tangeman's collaborative art project. I'm super excited to see what the other 19 artists contribute and how Promise puts them all together into one piece!
I decided to go with the "Love Wins" theme. It's too easy to loose heart in the face of pain and suffering, to become so inwardly-focused that we get lost in discouraging thoughts. So I wanted to encourage people to TAKE heart, not loose hope, to be freedom-fighters, to switch focus and start looking out for other people when your own troubles seem like a loosing battle. Love does win. I'll let you know when the finished collaborative poster is available in my shop.

Also, if you're a local (or if you feel like a road trip!), Daniel and I will be doing live paintings this Friday night while Artists and Authors and Flaregun perform. The show proceeds are going to Stop Traffick Fashion. And they'll be launching the t-shirts I designed.

THIS Friday night, 8pm, $5, Rohs Street Cafe! Good music, good art, good coffee, good cause...what's NOT to love?!

Hope to see some of you there!!!!

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