Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Highlights: DATE NIGHT

2009 brought back regular date nights, often sketchbooks and camera in hand. Yaaaaay date nights! How awesome it has been to revisit old hangouts and discover new ones back here in the 'Nati. So many cute little coffee shops and rooftop cafes, parks, and great scenic overlooks! As parents of little ones, uninterrupted adult conversations are like GOLD. Sometimes even better---just sitting and being together without having to talk at all : )

We're headed to North Carolina in the morning for Christmas. We soooo need this vacation! Hope you'll be with family soon too!!

Arian : )


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DawnEden said...

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DawnEden said...

I stumbled upon your site and I just love your art! Very creative! I enjoy looking at all your illustrations! Have a wonderful Valentines Day! :)