Monday, November 16, 2009

The Weekend.

This is one of the pieces I finished for this weekend's opening at A.R.T. I call it "Friends". Someone who would not just share their umbrella in a storm, but give you theirs-- now that's a serious friend.
And here's the opening! It's such a cute little place in a cute little town. The show will be up til January so stop in if you're local.

Speaking of serious friends ; )

And then we topped the night off with some Artists & Authors...a little private show for a friend's birthday. Yay for coffee shop birthdays!!

And speaking of coffee shop birthdays.... I finally nab the photos of my surprise b-day party from my sister's iphone. It was awesome!! Lots of friends and family...
...tables full of art supplies...

... and uber talented musicians taking turns at the open mic...
I felt loved. : )

Hope your week is off to a good start!!

Arian : )

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