Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm not exactly sure what heaven will look like. But it will probably look at lot like an Christmas....with a Starbucks inside.

The boys and I went out for a morning of inspiration and coffee with my sis. A little window shopping, a little Anthro-ing, a little Starbucks.

(Someday I will stay up late enough at night and sneak over to Anthropologie so I can actually see the tiny interior design gnomes and fairies that flitter about creating those mind-blowingly creative window displays out of objects they scavenge from the trash. Those little guys are amazing.)
(window shopping at some local boutiques)

These carnival-esque letters caught my eye while window shopping and have inspired a lot of my plans for decorating the boys room. I really want to make a big "H" and "J" that actually light up. Nooot sure how I'll do it yet it will be awesome. And I'm still mulling over all these forts and feeling inspired. I want the boys room to be fun, magical, and creativity-inspiring. We'll see what we come up with!

Here are a few more vintage signs for your enjoyment.

These sources and more here.

I'm working on getting prints from the Secret Blog BOGO sale printed, packed, and shipped. There's still time to take advantage of the sale! You have til midnight tonight!

Arian : )

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Erin said...

So I've been reading some of your past blogs, and I actually know one of the Anthropologie fairies! She works for a store in the LA area, and she actually makes those things at her house! (all Anthropologies are decorated the same). Those styrofoam cups were in her house for weeks! And I think you have to get up early to see them... she got to work at 4:30 to decorate!