Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Gift Tags...And Stay Tuned

I'm bringing back last year's gift tags as a freebie. Click on the image above for the larger version, then drag or right click to save to your computer. Print and attach to all your beautifully wrapped gifts. (Just don't sell it and make billions of dollars....or if you do sell it and make billions of dollars, drop me an email and let me know how you did it!)

Gift-wise, we're trying to stay true to the message of this video (watch it, it's short and awesome---just like Jude). We're hoping to spend less, give more homemade gifts and share experiences this year, spending a big chunk of our budget on just traveling and being with family. Good stuff.

I just added a print version of that live painting I did a little while back. So hop on over to the shop if you're interested.

Also, STAY TUNED to the blog over the next few weeks. There are going to be some "Blog Readers Only" specials in the the shop that will only be advertised here-- we're talkin free prints and such! So stick around!

On today's schedule: working on the book, lots of organizing, and family movie night. I've been in the mood to bring back some beautiful, artsy films that I haven't seen in a while.

Like this one (on the docket for tonight),

this one

and this one.

Soooo pretty. That's probably the best thing about the time change and the days being shorter--I don't feel bad about calling it a night at 6:30pm, putting on pajamas, and crafting to a good movie.

Alright, back to work!

Arian : )


Kassi said...

i adore your work... so pretty.
thanks for the free gift tags, i will for sure be using them this Christmas!
and that video was a terrific reminder to love like Jesus... thanks for that. i am inspired to do just that!

Mateja said...

Thanks for the free gift tags. They are beautiful!

Kris said...

Triplets of Beleville was one of the wierdest movies I have ever seen...

Dorothee-Maria said...

Dear Arian,
Thank you very much for these wonderful free gift tags!
I really love your work. So much!
And a print of this stunningly beautiful blue painting is on my wishlist. :)
Thank you very much for sharing your work.
Your fan

Kelly said...

Wow, thanks for the wonderful gift. I didn't read your blog last year, so this is my first time seeing the beautiful tags. Gorgeous, as all your work is. I'm coming up with my list of your work that I want to purchase soon! :)

featherbed said...

I've never seen the triplets movie, I'll have to check it out bc I love the other 2!

VICKI IN AZ said...

these are the loveliest Christmas tags i have ever seen. thank you for sharing. ♥

Mumma848 said...

Oh that painting is absolutely adorable! Cant wait to print it and decide where to put it!
And the little gift tags- you draw all those gorgeous little images?! Im jealous! hehe Ill just enjoy using them and dream that one day I might be able to create them too ;)
Thank you for sharing!