Thursday, July 9, 2009

Retail Therapy & Superfluous Crafting

The sun rays of relaxation finally peeked their way through the clouds of a crap-load of work this week (how's that for a mental picture!) I stole away at the last minute for a quick coffee/urban outfitters/american apparel break with my sis and a friend. A coffee drink in one hand and a shopping bag in the other--I'm such a girl. I picked up this cute hat from the clearance rack and sported it on last night's date. Well worth the $4.99 I'd say.
And today we had a little crafting fiesta-- boxes of ribbon, bags of thrifted clothes and fabric waiting to be augmented, piles of felt, embroidery floss, the sewing machine humming, the music playing-- good times.

Finally, some superfluous crafting! My sister is going to hold an art/craft auction and concert in a few weeks to raise money for her trip to South Africa. I made this little mobile to add to the stash.
And this junior house mate of mine can smell a craft from a mile away. Lately he has a knack for showing up just as the supplies are being brought out. Over the last two days he's outfitted his bear with a new shirt, skirt (easier to sew than his bear is now a girl bear...or a crossdresser), pjs, pillow, and a blanket. We might have a future fashion designer on our hands here.

I hope this is just the tip of the crafting and relaxing iceberg and that many more craft sessions, coffee shop runs, and inspirational shopping trips lie ahead!

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katieo said...

Cute hat, cute mobile. :)