Friday, June 13, 2008

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

We've been working on Hudson's Fathers Day gift to Daniel this afternoon--a book he's making, "writing" and illustrating. The story involves a lot of death and destruction which I hope is sign that he's a normal boy, not something that will be used as evidence later on down the road when he tries to hold his preschool class hostage with a light saber. I can see myself on Dateline now, holding the little book and sobbing "The part where the tree kills the buiding should have given us a clue!"

Anyways...Hudson signed the book himself. He's getting pretty good at the shape of the letters but doesn't always get them in the right order. : )

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Ben & Grace Saunders said...

ahhh! i LOVE the posts about Hudson,
that little dude cracks me up! i'm so impressed that he even wrote his own book for Daniel. Definitely above average. Don't worry about the order of those letters... Duh is a great name ;)