Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Art Therapy

I'm figuring out that, for the time being, it's hard to get much computer work done. I'm sure I'll get in a more productive groove once I get a handle on this whole "mom of two" thing. But I CAN hold Jude, spend time with Hudson, and draw at the same time. So I've managed to get a couple illustrations done over the past week or so with "real" paint, pencils, paper, etc. Here's another from art time with Hudson yesterday afternoon. It's up in the shop if you're interested. I've found that being a bit looser in my style (i.e. messy brush strokes, coloring outside the line, leaving visible pencil lines, etc) is theraputic. I guess it's my way of venting some of the chaos. : )

And after storytime at Starbucks today, we picked up this book by Timothy Basil Ering at our local bookstore. I love children's book illustrations like this one and this one that have so many layers, so much texture, and such energetic yet almost crude linework.

Ering's site shows some of his fine art as well. This one is my favorite. I'd love to see a play staged on a set like this.

Anyways, I'm getting more and more into children's books (chalk it up to having more children now). So if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them. : )

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