Thursday, November 15, 2007

Think Like A 2-year-old

I love that anything and everything is a toy to my 2-year-old. With his birthday and Christmas coming up, I really think he just needs a box with his own can opener, old newspaper, tape, small casters, cardboard rolls, bed sheet, and tape measure. That's what he ends up playing with anyways.

Tonight in Hudson's mind, my old green metal cash box was an alligator who liked to feed on couch cushions, the smear of paint on his leg was a pickle, and he brought down Darth Vader and his troops with a bike pump. I just now went in to check on him in bed and found him snoring away with a tiny helicopter, 2 water guns, a plastic saw, a plastic medieval shield, and cookie monster huddled around him...wonder what he's dreaming about.

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