About Me

I'm Arian Armstrong---wife, mommy, artist, Christ-follower. I grew up in Kentucky as a preacher's kid and still turned out alright : ) My degree is in Theatrical Set Design & Production from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. After college I became a missionary in Japan, married my best friend from college, and found out we were expecting our first son shortly after! From there we headed to Marblehead, Massachusetts where I worked as a set and prop designer for children's theatre. But with the arrival of son #2 I traded the stage life for a quieter work-from-home artist/illustrator life. I've been making and selling art ever since. We have three sons now (we're good at sons, apparently!) and live in Northern Kentucky, barely outside of Cincinnati (which is in Ohio, for those of you not great at midwest geography).

On my blog you'll find my art and tales of daily life. I run hard after beauty and order because that's what God created me to do. And I believe deeply that to live a good life, you need to be able to live a good week. So we are constantly refining our daily and weekly rhythms here at Fort Armstrong.

My husband is awesome. Marriage is the coolest. What I'd love to leave behind on this earth is encouraging art, sons who grow to become good men, and friends whose marriages are stronger because they knew us.

These are our three boys---Hudson (b. 2004), Jude (b. 2008), and Eli (b. 2011). And the other guy is Jason. We keep him in our basement and love him like a son. He's growing to become a good man too.

Hope you enjoy your visit here! Come back any time!



  1. Came across your your work. God bless you.

  2. Hi. I had to write you to say that I just watched your animated short on YouTube for the golden skies song by seabird, and it was the most breathtaking thing I've seen. I've hit some really hard times and am struggling with a lot, I was listening to this song decided to search YT and found your short. The night scene in the balloon and the clouds made me tear. It made me smile & more so made my heart warm, which hasn't happened a lot lately. Thank you so much for creating that.

    1. Wow thank you so much! I'll have to share this with Daniel and the Seabird guys. I really appreciate that you reached out and let us know you were encouraged by our art! We put lots of heart and time into our work. I'm glad to know there's return on our investment! Take heart, my friend, I'm no stranger to sad times myself. They DO get better though. And you'll come out on the other side of the storm with new super powers, ready to save the world! Thanks again. Love, Arian.

  3. I've been looking for your most current location in hopes to get in touch with you amazing artists! Hopefully this gets through! I saw the animated video to Josh Garrels' Born Again song, and it was honestly the most impressive piece of of art I've seen on all fronts. Not only the artwork and melodic tune, but attention to detail of weaving the imagery of the words and ideas into a surreal but tangible experience. My utmost respect and appreciation.

    Therefore, I hope to extend -to your consideration- a free hand. I'm not looking for anything other than to use the gifts God has given me to help people at least think about Him more. Specifically on an animation front, but anywhere you can see a fit. I can adapt to styles, and I don't want to take over anything, I have simply never felt more pulled to offer my talents than now. That being said, please take a look at my work and make sure I'm not a hooligan. You can see if any of these skills would ever be a help to future work with Garrels or teams of that depth and caliber.

    If nothing else, I'm a big fan and I look forward to seeing your future work.