Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where I've Been


A slight (six month) hiatus from ye olde blogge but I'm back. 

"What the heck, Arian," you say. "I've been clicking refresh on my browser non stop waiting for an update! Where you been, girl?"

Thanks for the dedication. A couple big life changes---1. we are now home owners. We bought a 116-year-old house in need of "just" cosmetic help. Turns out, though, when your face is 3000 sq ft big and you haven't had a makeover since before the dawn of Hammer Pants, "just" cosmetic help is A LOT of work!

Thankfully under all the carpet we found (mostly) pretty wood. It "just" needs refinishing.

Unthankfully under all that wallpaper we found MORE wallpaper (and more and more). Wallpaper is now enemy #1 and despite the countless hours we've devoted to scraping inch by inch, there is still so...much...more. Anyone looking for a free upper arm workout look no further. I've got just the job for you : )

And, what the hay, lets go ahead and rip out some walls while we're at it.

But progress IS happening. Not on the timeline we originally hoped but it is happening.

Some walls are finally stripped and some walls even have a few pretty coats of Lincoln Cabin Black paint on them.

And this chandelier now hanging in our entryway is a reminder that even prettier things are yet to come.

Also still to come---Armstrong boy #4! Due mid March. I'm feeling a healthy mix of excitement and "oh my gosh what are we getting ourselves in to?!?". Which is better than the yucky mix of nausea and hormone-induced depression that plagued the first trimester.

So this past summer/fall was a very busy and overwhelming season. And now Christmas is just around the corner. Our house is covered with a substantial layer of dust, wallpaper scraps, legos, crumbs, and glitter. We've got some big tasks ahead but it's all good.

I hope you're enjoying the chaos of the season!



Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Wow what a big six months you've had! I'm so glad you are back blogging, I can't wait to see renovations unfold even more...AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm glad first trimester is over and I wish you the best of health and joy in the months that follow. I LOVE your work so very much xx

Deanne said...

what a beautiful house, and huge congratulations on your new baby news :)

Vivika said...

Oh, Congrats for the baby and the house! Beautiful house ( I love high ceilings)!

Laura, The Start of a Good Life said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, thanks to pinterest and that cute striped dress you made when you were prego-cute with your last little one! I have fallen in love with your blog already and have enjoyed scrolling through your old posts. Consider me now a faithful reader. Congrats on the new baby and the old house! Jealous on both counts ;-)