Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Week(s) According To Instagram

Birthday celebrations, more weddings, and a stomach bug that swept through our whole family have kept me busy for the last couple weeks.

Let's catch up!
 I'd say one of the biggest themes of the last couple weeks has been my on-going quest to figure out what it means for me to live a "good day". I am really happy with the major events in my life---marriage, kids, work, friends.... But I haven't figured out how to enjoy a day. Days are often a blur, something I just want to get through so I can finally rest or have some quiet time. But that's not cool. I want to wake up excited about the day, savor meals, find satisfaction in every day tasks, take time to just BE with everyone in my family, enjoy simple pleasures, and sleep peacefully (I tend to have stress dreams at night).
 So I am experimenting with daily rhythms. I am not a morning person but I've been getting up extra early some days to head downtown, buy fresh baked bread from the person who made it, pick up coffee that was just roasted, and get back home before anyone else is awake. The quiet, alone time before the craziness of the day has been really sweet. Don't tell anyone this, but this night owl can be kind of cranky in the mornings while trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time. But somehow waking up EARLIER and spending time alone makes me less cranky during the morning rush. Weird.

 October 10 was my birthday and the whole family celebrated by getting a stomach virus.
 Everyone took off work and school that day and we just settled in to watch hours and hours of movies. Not a bad way to spend my birthday, actually.

 Then Andrea took me on a super special birthday photo shoot day. I'll have LOTS of pictures to show you. We went to some of my favorite places and ate some of my favorite foods all while changing into different outfits and having our pictures taken by our own photographer. Fun stuff!!

I am trying to savor fall here. Leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, soups and stews are showing up in my weekly meal plans. I hope you're enjoying whichever season you're in!

Arian : )

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