Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tour de Friends 2013

Over the weekend we joined a group of friends in an epic biking/camping extravaganza, with everyone biking or driving 30 miles to the campsite, spending the night, then driving or biking back! Daniel, Hudson, Jude and I biked there, Jude on a bike that connects to Daniel's. Then Daniel and Hudson biked back. So that means Hudson, being the competitive sportsman that he is, biked over 60 miles on his little single speed kids' bike over two days, averaging about 10 miles per hour. Rockstar.

Heather. 8 months pregnant with #4. Camping. And looking good while doing it. Also a rockstar.

Jude in his happy place.

(biking photos by Levi)

Hudson, leading the way home.

Arian : )

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