Monday, June 24, 2013

Rocking My American World

K, so I am not a fan of parenting books. I have a very "you don't know me" kind of attitude about them. They're just not for me. And, since I don't get many chances to read books, when I DO get a chance to read, I usually pick a Christian book that speaks to a specific struggle I am having, like C.S. Lewis' "The Problem of Pain" or Greg Boyd's "Is God to Blame".  Buuuut some how I am on the last chapter of a non-Christian book on parenting (go figure!) and it is rocking my world.

In continuation of my newfound interest (obsession) with French culture, I borrowed "Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris". After Daniel went to sleep each night, I huddled over the book with a flashlight in bed and finished the whole thing in a week (that is FAST for me). Everything she said about the French way of life sounded wonderful but impossible if you have kids.

 So I decided to read "Bringing Up Bebe", this time via audiobook because I needed to get through books AND sleep at night. I've gotten a lot of practical ideas on fun ways to improve the way I parent my boys, but more importantly, I feel like God is using the book to show me how He wants to parent me!! I've got journal page after journal page of thoughts and if you've talked to me in person any time over the last couple weeks, I've probably gone on and on about all the ways these French culture books are unearthing lies I believe about myself, God, parenting, food, beauty, clothes, home, schedule, marriage...  For an extreme introvert, I've been preeeetty talkative about it all.
 In short, somehow French culture books are just what God needed to free my heart from some unnecessary restrictions I've placed on myself.

One practical little effect it's had on our regular life is we've added long walks and picnics into our schedule almost every day. The food is always simple but delicious---usually bread or crackers, cheese or hummus, and fruit. Our trusty, tattered picnic quilt goes with us every where we go. It's just our way of getting fresh air, fun exercise, and enjoyment from food together.

 I think my learnings have been good for ALL of us. If mom is happy, everyone is happy, right? : )

 I'm looking forward to sharing it all here. Don't worry, I'll be concise and show lots of lovely pictures. I myself don't read blogs that have too many words and not enough pictures : )  

More soon!


Jessica said...

I read BUB recently and loved it. LOVED it. I felt like it made me feel a little more normal about my already very relaxed parenting style while at the same time inspiring me to enjoy even more simple things with my kids and take better care of myself. Every American mom needs to read it!

Lea G said...

I have recently become obsessed with things French as well! Ever since reading Julia Child's "My Life in France". Still never been and so far I haven't adopted much more than good skincare - but one day :).
Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Yes! I'm reading BUB right nowand loving it. I was going on to my mom and our out of town guest about wait and the cadre. The latter reminded me of blog post I wrote last year about freedom in Christ...bounsaries with tremendous freedom. As new mom I am thankful for the structured freedom the book seems to promote!