Friday, March 29, 2013

Full Bellies Tired Hearts

Our bellies are full of beans and rice

(Lentils and rice breakfast)

(Rice pudding birthday treat)

(Lentil and rice soup with leftover veggies)

(And more beans)

And our hearts are ready for a some time away. We've spent the day packing for a little trip to the country. And when we've needed a break, we've enjoyed the bit of sunshine and warmish air that's found it's way to our neck of the woods. Moving this chair from the back to the front of the house to follow the sun and opening the windows to enjoy the first hints of spring air.

Enjoy your weekend and your Easter!

Arian : )


Regina said...

The sixth photo is so lovely and calming! Love it!
Thanks, enjoy your weekend and Easter too, Arian!

Arian said...

Thanks Regina!

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Love the suitcase! And the creative ways with beans ;-)
God Bless.
x K