Monday, March 4, 2013

A Wealth of Artists

Cincinnati is beautifully grungy. Every area of the city is at a different level of creation, deterioration, and restoration. Old buildings once grand, then abandoned, and forgotten, then found, loved, and restored. I think that's what draws artists to this city. We find beauty and inspiration in that whole process. (Like I said here)

Today I got to check out one of those beautifully run down spaces---an abandoned church building that's now home to a few local artists, artists who laugh in the face of peeling lead paint and near freezing indoor temperatures for the sake of their art : )

Artists like my photographer friend Daniel Smyth

He invited me to be a part of a portrait series he is working on, taking pictures of artists through panes of glass they painted/collaged/drew on.

The man, the legend : )

It was a fun little project! And I may have developed a crush on wood grain contact paper

I couldn't throw the scraps away and my brain has started churning out some more contact paper art ideas. This might be the start of a beautiful relationship : )

Arian : )

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L. Buchholz said...

Beautiful! What an awesome place for art!