Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Perfect Love print

I just added this print to the shop! It's based on 1 John 4:18. I've had this verse floating around in my head for months and have made several attempts at a print that adequately illustrates it. But without success. So I brought it up to Daniel and he came up with this idea for an image. I love it! It seems to have the same heart as the Good Knight print. It's just another example of how being married to Daniel makes me a better artist : )

I'll be adding it to my Society 6 shop soon too!

Hope you're having a great week!



amy luella said...

way to go! super sweet.

Kyle & Sara said...

Hi Arian! Is this actually on your etsy shop yet? I was just looking for a print to order for a Christmas gift and didn't see it.


~Sara Ranson

Arian said...

It's back up! If that ever happens, feel free to order any same priced print and then let me know in the "message to seller" which one you'd actually like. I print to order so any print I've ever made is technically always available.

The Table said...

do you ever sell originals?

Unknown said...

Hi Arian,
I'm from Brazil and i've found you by the pinterest.
So i came to your blog and i've spent like 1 hour just apprecianting you draws.

I'm just enchanted.
And i'm very very more happy for see that you also loves God and make wonderfull drawings about him and some bible verses.

So i hope He (our God) will continue blessing you and sustaining you, your family, your talent and keeping strong your steps by the faith.
Hugs from far far away