Friday, November 16, 2012

I Love You Beary Much

I just added a new print to the shop. It's been awhile! Feels good! Why are they wearing bear suits? I don't know.  I just started drawing and this is what came out!

I've been having a lot of fun with ink and watercolors recently. I've been tossing a pad of bristol paper, a pencil, and my new brown prismacolor markers into the diaper bag and working on this all week whenever I have a spare moment. It feels good to step away from the computer and make some non-digital art.

Plus, the boys will usually grab a chair next to me and make some art of their own

AND (I'll do a real post on this soon) we've been working on setting up a shop over at Society 6! Ipod cases, tshirts, tote bags, canvases....lots of fun stuff to choose from! I'll be adding this print to the mix asap!
Hope you're well!

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Fruitytoenails said...

I know why you made this print! Our friends are getting married next month and our son is their ring bearer. They have a great sense of humor and asked if he could wear a bear costume for the wedding so he could be their "ring bear". When I saw this print you did, I knew it was the PERFECT gift to have him give to them! Thank you!