Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Draw Night

Tonight was the first of what will hopefully be a weekly event here at Fort Armstrong---Family draw night. We all love drawing and want to draw more regularly and so do lots of our friends. So why not make a rhythm of drawing together?!

Family draw night is the latest addition to the Armstrong family weekly rhythm. With busy schedules and lots of our favorite people doing lots of fun things all the time, our weeks used to get swallowed up in a blur of activities and events that left us feeling tired and disconnected. So we learned to take what's most important to us Armstrongs, work those things into our regular weekly schedule, and say no to almost everything else. The result?...

Monday: Family draw night

Tuesday: Family vision night (where we go to a "kids eat free" night at a local restaurant and talk about our successes in working as a team that past week and specific things we can do to help each other in the upcoming week.)

Wednesday: Date night

Thursday: open

Friday: Family movie night (with pizza!)

Saturday: strengthening the fort day (i.e. house work)

Sunday: rest and relax!

We're always tweaking our weekly family rhythm but at least we finally have one!

How about you guys? Any weekly traditions?



Angela said...

I love this idea! I can relate to life just being a blur of things we have to attend and work we're trying to do.

Fruitytoenails said...

I really like your Family Vision night. I'm taking it for my very own--thanks!!

Arian said...

Sweet! Let me know how it goes!