Thursday, June 21, 2012

To the Sea and Back

We've been to the sea and back with my dad, sister, and a large portion of my step family, hence the long pause in blog posts. But no worries, there is no shortage of photos to share with you : )

We tried to make the journey just as fun as the destination by taking our time, enjoying the scenery, eating good food, and resting in comfy hotel beds on the way.

The soundtrack to our journey was nearly 20 hours of the audio book of The Fellowship of the Ring. Amazing. Sipping iced coffee, driving into the sunset, listening to the epic adventures of hobbits and dwarfs and elves and wizards---pretty sweet.

And we feasted on vacation. Seriously the BEST donuts I've ever had. The donuts alone might be worth another trip to North Carolina : )

Raw oyster deliciousness.
More donuts : )
Vacation was also a time for lots of baby cuddling! Wilco and Eli got lots and lots of love.

We played together,

and relaxed together

and celebrated fathers together!
Yep, the journey to the sea and back was good for us.

Arian : )


Anonymous said...

I've only seen pics of either of them but Eli looks just like your dad! Their eyes! And I want one of those doughnuts. They look so gooey and yummy!

Unknown said...

so precious. i love your photos. miss you guys

Unknown said...

precious. love your photos. miss y'all

Unknown said...

precious.miss you guys.