Thursday, May 31, 2012

No pressure.

Tattoos are the craziest thing to design. Having you art work permanently displayed on someone's body...crazy. Especially when it's a good friend that you see regularly and want to remain friends with : )  So when Ang asked me to design her first (and giant and very visible) tattoo months and months ago I was flattered and intimidated.
Her vision for it was birds emerging from dust and flying into freedom. It's based on the Gungor song that talks about God making beautiful things out of dust and is a reminder of the freedom God wants for her.
I don't have any tattoos but doing this one made me more interested in getting one (sorry, dad) ; )  I'm glad it turned out so well (shew!!) and Ang and I can still be friends : )

Btw, I am not currently taking on any additional freelance or custom work. But if there is something I've already done that you feel like getting permanently inked onto your body, go for it! Just send me a pic 'cause I'd love to see!



Alison said...

Looks amazing! Will you be selling that print in your etsy shop?

Alison said...

Looks Amazing! Will you be selling that as a print in your etsy shop? I have a few prints of yours...I think I'm turning into a collector! :)

guerrillartmomma said...

very cool. and if I ever get another tattoo, i will look thru your art for sure. I love Gungor too

Memory box at 27 said...

stunning work!!

Megan said...

I love it!! The tattoo turned out brilliant!! xo

Lisa Ensor said...

LOVE that song! What a great inspiration-