Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kickstartin Seabird

It was Thursday, August 7th, 2008. The challenges of balancing motherhood/wifehood while still trying to pursue art were wearing me down and I was just about to close up the ole Etsy shop and put art aside indefinitely. I downloaded the new album of a Cincinnati-based band, Seabird, I had heard of and went out for a late night seaside run to think things through (we lived in Marblehead, Massachusetts at the time, there's an ocean there : )

Sing 'til your heart hurts, then sing some more
Don't stop singing 'til we see the shore
Sing it loud and clear, I promise you
Someone will hear you sing

I don't know. It meant something to me. It made me decide to keep making art even when it was hard--to pour my heart into it and trust that it will mean something to someone else too.
So I went home and drew this little print--a lone sailor on rough seas, singin his heart out. To make sure it was okay to sell the print with their lyrics online, I sent the band a quick email. They got back right away, said they liked my art, and asked if I'd make some tshirts for them. Heck yeah! I was so encouraged! Maybe my art WAS worth making!

Since then I've made lots of art for the nice Seabird fellas! And we're buddies now! We live near Cincinnati too now so we go to all the shows that we can.
Now Seabird is hoping to make their first independent record and they are raising the funds to do so via Kickstarter. It's kind of a make or break thing for them.  Raise the money in time and they will keep singing. If not, who knows.
SO SUPPORT SEABIRD! The world needs to hear more of their music and I want to keep going to their shows and being inspired by their songs.

So hop on over and at least pre-order the album. But after you check out all the sweet incentives, I hope you'll pledge more.

Thanks for reading!

Arian : )


Unknown said...

love love love

דפנה said...

your prints are beautiful!

I'll be sure to check them out.

Maria said...

What a cool entry. Sounds like a very neat band. I listened to three of their songs but didn't find the one with the words you mention..which song was it? They are definitely worth supporting on KickStart. SMiles, Maria from Seattle.

SL Burlhis said...

That's such an inspiring post!

Jenny Wallace said...

The song is called , " Till We See The Shore . Awesome song .

Jennifer said...

I love the first print with the boat. Is that available for sale somewhere? I had never heard the song before - I just bought it off of itunes. I really identify with it as well.

Jennifer said...

I love the print with the boat. I had never heard the song, so I bought it from Amazon. I identify with it as well. Is that print available for sale or download?