Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm realizing just how much of a homebody I am. Maybe it's because going out seems like a lot of work these days. More likely it's that I just love the little home that our little house is shaping up to be and the little people (plus Daniel) that I share it with.

I mean, I can spend a day at the zoo (like we did this past weekend), seeing rare and exotic animals from all corners of the globe, and come home with maybe 3 or 4 pics.

But a day at home, man, and my Instagram photo feed is blowin up! (I think that's how the kids are sayin it these days).

There's so much beauty in all the little everyday things. Like milkshake mustaches, little hands making homemade desserts,

muddy feet and faces in the backyard,

and long bed time stories.

Finish the day off with a glass of wine and a streaming live Josh Garrels house show and what more could the outside world have offer me?

I'm working on that flower painting as part of my spring/summer decor for our living room. I'll show you the finished painting soon!

I'll be at home if you need me!


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liseli said...

Your boys are the cutest in the world!