Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girling It Up.

Maybe it's the spring-like weather and the blossoms that have suddenly popped up around here.  Maybe it's that the guy to girl ratio in our family is now 4:1 so I feel the need to be 4x's more girly. Don't know why, but recently I'm drawn to pink glitter and lace like a moth to a pretty, pretty flame.

This oh so pretty nail polish found its way into my cart at Target today. Weird.

And my stash of pretty pink fabrics has been growing little by little in hopes of some day soon having the time to make some pretty lacy skirts and some soft cozy pajamas.

Then there is the parade of cuuuute pink dresses on my Pinterest board.

Darn you, adorable dresses! Why must you be so cute and yet so not hanging up in my closet right now? A real shame.
And of course with pretty pink dresses I'll need matching pink shoes

 and something really girly to drink...
and pink walls. Too much?

Just realized I am currently wearing a pink tshirt and drinking pink lemonade through a pink straw. I might have a problem.

Arian : )

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hannah love said...

oh my, that nail polish looks so fun!! i love it