Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rest in peace

Jude has a heart of gold that's deeply affected by loss. He came in our room this morning with a dead lady bug--his new friend that needed to be brought back to life. All day he kept checking on the ladybug to see if it was alive yet. But when its head fell off the truth set in.

So we spent the next hour mourning our loss, talking about heaven, and giving the bug a proper resting place in a baby food jar with a cotton ball. What a sweetheart that Jude kid is. I'm glad to have him around : )



MipMachine said...

Awww, such a sweetheart.

Fruitytoenails said...

Sweet, sweet boy. I have 3 girls and a boy at the end. I prayed that he would be a 'sweet boy' and God has indeed blessed us with a tender-hearted, caring, thoughtful little guy--much like your own. Enjoy him!