Friday, February 17, 2012

Plan B

I had awesome plans today--hitting up the anniversary sale at my fav little fabric shop and coffee with friends while our kids play at the indoor playground. (ie conversation that didn't revolve around transformers or Legos.) Alas, nothing throws a last minute wrench in your plans like a sick kid. I'll save you all the details but it involves Hudson and a beef burrito and took a shower, the washer, and the garden hose at 4am to clean up. Yikes.
Plan B. I needed a craft to distract me from my bummed out-ness. So Jude and I made an Eli doll today from one of Jude's drawings.

I traced his drawing onto some scrap fabric and together we used the sewing machine to go over and over his lines.

We backed it with some of the robot fabric left over from his pajama pants.

A little stuffing...

...and Wallah!

A kissable cuddly mini Eli.

Striking resemblance I'd say!

Not as fun as an afternoon with friends but not too bad either : )

Happy Friday!


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Jessica said...

What a cute little project! What a bummer about your sicko. Hope we get to see you at the sale tomorrow!