Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Clothes

One of my 2012 goals is to make more clothes for my family. Granted, it may not be cheaper than just buying clothes from Target. And it's certainly not easier. But I LOVE wearing dresses that my granny made...seeing what kinds of patterns, fabrics, and detail she chose for herself.

I'm starting slowly, though, with simple, simple patterns. And I'm augmenting things I already own. Like this dress I've had for awhile that had slowly shrank to a weird "not quite long, not quite short" length. I chopped off a few inches, reattached the ruffle at the bottom and thats it! It's been so unseasonably warm around here that I've already worn it several times this week without leggings. February and we've got the windows open!

The boys are in a wedding tomorrow and I just had this crazy idea of making bow ties for them. How hard could it be? (haha). I'll give it a try!

Happy crafting!


Catherine Denton said...

Your dress looks beautiful. I admire anyone that can sew and the thought of sewing for your family just sounds amazing. I'm planning to take a class this year. Good luck with your bow ties!
Catherine Denton

hannah love said...

the fabrics you chose are beautiful!

erin said...

I love that top fabric so much! What a good choice. Can't wait to see those ties. :)

SL Burlhis said...

Cute dress!!

Dr. Kelli said...

Do you have a pattern for that dress?