Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday Morning

Growing up a preacher's kid there was no such thing as a lazy Sunday morning. I didn't mind. I liked church plus there were usually donuts involved. Then came the creation of the "late service" and Arian saw that it was good. So on the seventh day Arian rested AND went to church at 11:45.

So here's a lazy Sunday morning at Fort Armstrong...

Eli and I wake up. It's nice and sunny.

We find Hudson has been awake for at least an hour. Darn that internal alarm clock of his. He's just been reading quietly, already half way through the giant book he just got yesterday.

Mommy needs iced coffee.

Daniel is up and joins us for breakfast.

Overnight slow cooker oats as usual...with cinnamon, brown sugar and almond milk.

Jude is still dozing, probably warn out from celebrating his birthday with Nana and Pappy yesterday.

(bottom bunk, colored lights, 70s paneling, cute pajamas) : )

Daniel is lookin cute in plaid and I'm sporting my DIYed lacy skirt for the first time.

We're finally ready to head to church and enjoy a sunny day!

Happy Sunday!



Lindsey said...

Stinkin' adorable! Quit it. Now. (I don't mean that) :)

Shell said...

great pictures capturing beautiful moments..Love the skirt!!